R&D Approach


Novatarg will leverage its pioneering, proprietary and patented 2-Dimensional Long-Range Ordering and Crystallization (2D-LROC) platform technology, uniquely positioned for identification of the three-dimensional structures of membrane proteins in their native state, together with its unparalleled capabilities for membrane protein molecular imaging and screening, to develop molecularly targeted drugs and companion molecular diagnostic devices.  The 2D-LROC membrane protein structural and functional discovery and screening approach is expected to overcome the limitations imposed by conventional 3D systems, and as a result accelerate structure-guided development of molecularly targeted drugs and companion molecular diagnostic devices.  Our research is aimed at deploying these advances towards developing a host of new and effective targeted therapies at half the time, and half the cost of developing drugs today.


Business Strategy


Novatarg will manufacture and commercialize membrane protein targeted therapies and companion molecular diagnostic devices. In addition, we will supply the demand of pharmaceutical companies for product innovation to enrich their development pipelines. Our revenue stream is through sales and co-marketing of our therapeutic and diagnostic products, as well as royalties generated from our corporate partners who license our discovery tools for their internal programs.